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Favorite Daughters: 1916

Favorite Daughters: 1916

Fair Exponents of Dance and Song in "Gypsy Prince"


       March 7, 1916 -- In "The Gypsy Prince," presented last night at Rauscher's for the benefit of the Junior League, one of the most striking features was the chorus of "Favorite Daughters," represented above. Reading from left to right, they are Miss Mildred Anderson, Miss Margaret Howard, Miss Katherine Burdette, Miss Margaret Fahnestock, Miss Marie Sims, Miss Pocahontas Butler, Miss Dorothy Deeble and Miss Grace Overman.

Washington, D.C., 1916. "Gypsy Prince, group." Eight Misses whose act was a hit. Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. View full size.


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No one will notice!

I suspect they had the girls sew their own costumes. That was common, even when I was performing in high school and college groups, in the early 70s. At any rate, I assume they at least had everyone hem their own skirts. Most are blind stitched by hand, but a few were done by machine. I'm sure those choosing to do the latter thought "Oh, no one will ever notice!"

I also find it interesting that a few bought their white shoes from the nurse's supply store.

Pocahontas Butler Woodson

Pocahontas Butler Woodson was interviewed by the author of a book about her father, Sen. Marion Butler, in 1986. Three months before this photo was taken, she was mentioned in The Washington Post.

The name game

Then as now, some people give their children names of personal interest rather than of any particular practicality. One of the secretaries when I attended high school in the 1960s, a lady likely a contemporary of these in age, was named Aloha. When I began teaching in the 1970s a coworker had a student named T9C, pronounced Te-nine-cy.

The puzzling demographics of names

People named Dorothy and Mildred are 80-100 years old. People named Grace, Marie, Katherine and Margaret are everywhere. People named Pocahontas are . . . what?

Miss Match

Miss Deeble did not get the memo to wear white shoes.




You have to be so careful with plaids.

Miss Margaret Fahnestock

Born 1894 in North Carolina, she would marry an Army officer, live a full life, and die at the tender age of 102.

A Name To Remember

Was Pocahontas Butler named after Chief Powhatan's daughter or perhaps she was a descendent of John Rolfe? Or was it a gag?

Life Was Uglier Back Then

Thank God for the brassiere!

What About Bob

They're all dressed like sisters of the "Big Boy" mascot!

Obviously an Olio

Because everyone knows that gypsies are more into florals than geometrics.

Come up and see me sometime!

Miss Margaret Fahnestock struck a flirtatious pose. Scandalous!

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