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Corcoran Hall: 1926

Corcoran Hall: 1926

Washington, D.C., circa 1926. "George Washington U." Who'll be first to recognize one of these anonymous alums? National Photo glass negative. View full size.


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I Can Do the Baylor Pic

This is from 1922. He was a freshman that year and probably about 16 or 17, though he looked like he was 8.

Leonard Jaworski

The guy sitting second from left is Leon Jaworski, who would later be named special prosecutor during the Watergate hearings -- an event that occurred just a few blocks from where this picture was taken almost 50 years later.

[Really? Wow. How did you recognize him? (For the record, bgriff could not have seen the other Jaworski comments below because I published them all at the same time.) - Dave]

After determining that Jaworski had graduated in 1926, I really had to match up what he would have looked like at 21 based on pictures of him in his late 60's since nothing earlier was showing up. Facial shape and eyes led me to young fellow with the wild socks in the front.

[It does look like him. (And yes, those socks!) Who'll be the first to post his pic from an old GWU or Baylor yearbook? - Dave]


One of the graduates from the George Washington Law School in 1926 was Leon Jaworski, the Special Investigator who was instrumental in getting the infamous Nixon Watergate tapes released in unedited form in 1974. J. Edgar Hoover, former head of the F.B.I., graduated from the same institution in 1917. By the way, the building has certainly lost some of its character with the modern windows.


5th from the right back row--Leon Jaworski?


I don't recognize any of them, but I'll wager there are a few Mildreds, Blanches, Walters and Harolds in that group

Socks appeal

Those the gents are sporting beat anything in my sock drawer.

Snazzy socks

I bet the kids in 1968 weren't sporting all those snazzy socks either!

What I'd Give

To be perched on the roof with a large bucket of water.

Oh I know

Alfalfa! Second to last row on the far right. Huh? Am I right?

Infamous Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski

second row, directly behind the fidgety toddler.
(or NOT, as we have since learned...)

88 Years Later. Then/Now Flip

Source: Google Streetview May 2012, perspective corrected in Photoshop to match old pic (to some extent). Click here for large version (1600x1310, 2.7MB). Hasn't changed much!

Generation Gap

I saw my first rock concert at GWU in 1968 (Blood, Sweat and Tears). The kids looked a lot different then -- fewer hats.

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