America's first camouflaged automobile has been let loose, and is now on the war path. The inhabitants of the Pacific Coast from Seattle to San Diego swear they are "seeing things." A sheriff who has a record for pinching speeders is out after the camoufleurs who committed "camouflage" to prove that America's automobiles are as chameleon-like while on the war path as those in Europe.
-- Oakland Tribune, Oct. 28, 1917
        W.L. Hughson, of KisselKar fame upon the Pacific Coast, has donated the famous Kissel military scout car, recently used to blaze the "three nation run," to the government department having the new operations of "camouflage" in its charge. A committee of three prominent San Francisco artists will paint this car with color patches, which suggests nothing except the surrounding earth, trees, grain fields, sky, etc., making an exact fac-simile of the cars now being used by the allies along the various war fronts
-- Motor West, Oct. 15, 1917
"Kissel Military Highway Scout Kar." From somewhere in the woodsy Pacific Northwest comes the "Scout Kar" last seen here, with 1918 Washington State dealer plates. 5x7 glass negative by Christopher Helin. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos