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The Damner: 1920

The Damner: 1920

The Bay Area in 1920. "Dodge auto on boardwalk. 'The Damner' on Miller Tires Coast-to-Coast." All we know about what seems to have been a promotional stunt is preserved in this 5x7 glass negative by Christopher Helin. View full size.


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Junior Road Trip

This from the Automobile and Sports section of the October 24, 1920 issue of the Los Angeles Times:

Miller Tires

Life Saving Pier

This is indeed a view of Ocean Beach, San Francisco. The auto is parked on the rescue boat launching ramp once located at the foot of Fulton Street. The rescue crews of the Golden Gate Park Life Saving Station used it for hauling their horse-drawn boat carts across the dunes.

The pier that tterrace referenced is visible at the extreme right of this view. It wasn't a boardwalk, though, but rather a water intake pier for the nearby Lurline Salt Water Pumping Plant that sucked seawater out of the Pacific and pumped it to various saltwater bathing establishments downtown.

At far left is the "drill mast" used by the Life Savers from the Golden Gate Station. Literally a mockup of a sailing ship's mast, the crewmen used it as a target when they practiced firing shore-to-ship lifelines.

America First

Someone out there must know about these.

Dodge year

This car predates 1920. Note the headlights are in back of the line of the radiator. The headlights were moved forward of the radiator line circa 1917.

Ocean Beach Boardwalk?

Was there ever wooden jetty at Ocean Beach? or a boardwalk?

[Yep. Here circa 1915. -tterrace]

Miller Tires

I did a such for Miller Tires and found they were made in Akron, Ohio. They were the second rubber company to get started in Akron, following B. F. Goodrich.

J. Pfeiffer, J. Gether & J. Lamparter started a rubber company in 1892 but were broke in a few years. 1898 they had taken on new partners, W. Pfeiffer and Harvey Miler and in 1906 the new company was named Miller Rubber Company. They started making tires several later.

Yellowstone "Zoo Windshield"

New York to Frisco

That's what it says in the rear window.

Ocean Beach

I'm going with Ocean Beach. There's surf, so it can't be the bay side. And there's a hint of Marin visible through the fog.


Not sure how much help it would be tracking down what the heck is going on here, but that's an Ohio license plate.

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