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Mabel and Daisy: 1897

Mabel and Daisy: 1897

In 1960 my father, working for the USDA on Long Island, New York, was looking through a dump one day and found this fat packet of old film negatives. He brought them home with him and kept them in a box. They are 3.5 inches square, probably taken with a Kodak No. 2 "Bullet" camera. Some had writing on their paper sleeves, and it is from this that I determined the place and time. Most of the images appear to be from Malone, New York. This one was labeled "Mabel and Daisy on the street." View full size.

Would love to see more photos of Malone

I have lived near Malone since mid 1970's. Malone has a small 'House of History' here that is repository of much of the local historical records (along with the county courthouse - Franklin County, NY). I am sure that the House of History would love to see the photos your father found in 1960, as I would. Please post more!
Malone was very active in railroading in 1800's into mid 1900's, as well as the being the site of the Dutch Shultz (notable rumrunner of the 1930's)tax evasion trial - the trial was moved from Manhattan to Malone - Shultz was acquitted!!!

Small world

I'll have to show this to my ex-husband. He was Malone born and raised.

M.E. Howard

This site has a picture of what might be that block at Mabel and Daisy are standing on. You can see the power line pole with the cross bucks on it behind them. The names in the image are hard to read, but the text on that page says that M.E. Howard is a "subject". The page says 1910 for the year.


An utterly charming view. I love the clothing.

Smiling towards the future

Little did they know 118 years later we would be smiling back at them!


Looks like the movie Pollyanna and they are going shoping for a store-bought dress - from a real store!!!

Great detective work!

I was hoping this would happen when I posted this photo. Thanks to everyone for finding all this information. I looked up Daisy Lalime and it looks like she married someone with a last name of Swinston. I even found a picture of their daughter as an elderly woman.

Mabel and Daisy La Lime

I have found a notice in an old Malone newspaper called the Malone Palladium, you can find it online, announcing that Misses Daisy and Mabel LaLime of Malone spent the weekend at Hacketts Hotel as a guest of their sister Miss Jennie who works as a stenographer in the offices of the NNYRR the North New York Rail Road Company.
The article is dated May 20 1897
Their father appears to have been a Eusebe LaLime, possibly Canadian, and here's a link to a patent he took out regarding railway equipment.
From the Malone Farmer (newspaper) 1905:- Miss Jessie Beach, Miss Eva Ridge way,
Miss Mabel LaLime, Miss Ida MeKerraeher
and L. E. Sweet have entered C. E.
Costlow1s stenographic school, to take
courses in shorthand and typewriting.
Mabel married a Harold Laurence and was living in Malone on the 1940 Census and another sister Jennie married a James J McGrail and lived in Crafton, Pennsylvania.

Yes, more please.

Well where does one start? I agree totally with the sentiment expressed in the other comments. Makes one think it was just yesterday, superb natural photo.


I would say they look like sisters and yes, I would guess Daisy is the gal on the right.

I too, love this photo -- what a great story.

My great grandparents lived in Malone in 1897

My great grandparents, Frank and May Montgomery, lived in Malone in 1897. My grandfather lived in Malone until 1917. My great uncle, Garth (who wrote the Chiquita Banana Song), was born in Malone in 1914. I'd love to see all the photos if possible, to see if anyone looks familiar!

Thanks for Posting This

I look forward to more images from the stack of old negatives your father saved from the trash heap.

That Wilder boy

Malone, New York, was also home to Almanzo Wilder, of Little House book fame. Laura Ingalls Wilder told her husband's story in "Farmer Boy."

Isn't it great

Isn't it great to enjoy photographs such as this with people like you viewers!

More please

I just love this photo!


Almost certainly an ad for "Sapolio", a popular hand soap of the day. Here's a link to a brief explanation.


It was a popular soap in the late 19th and early 20th century, and the magazine she's holding may contain an ad.

Let there be light!

Nice Edison bulb in the shop window!

Zoom in

Could those phone-like items be visiting card cases?

Does anyone else see what seems to be the word "Polio" on that flyer/handout that the woman on the right is holding? On the paper, there seems to be an image of a man with a woman leaning toward him from the right. I can't read what's in the circle but just under the shadow of the holder's hand it sure looks like POLIO.


Village of Malone, Town of Malone, Franklin County. Pritnyar to Canada, this bucolic locale gave to Rutherford Hayes his vice-president and to the rest of us, the founder of Gibson guitars.

Another fine mess

I know it's a tad disrepectful, but the one on the right looks like Stan Laurel in drag.

Full of fun

They look full of fun these two nicely dressed ladies captured on film. I wonder which is which; I plump for Daisy being on the right!

Main Street just west of Elm, looking east

Nice iPhone cases they're carrying.

Look, they're smiling!

What a rare sight from this period compared to other Shorpy photos. I think their attire is lovely.

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