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Gun Moll: 1924

Gun Moll: 1924

San Francisco, 1924. "Lady greasing Oldsmobile sedan." A pioneer of Women's Lubrication. 5x7 glass negative by Christopher Helin. View full size.


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Zerk fittings (not yet)

These are most likely Alemite fittings. The Zerk fitting was not patented until 1929 and is less vulnerable to dirt and allows greasing from an angle whereas the Alemite fitting required the connection be made straight on. As a tech in the bays, I don't see many grease fittings. Most all joints are sealed for life. Prior to the Alemite and Zerk fittings, oil and grease cups were used, and gravity was the method of delivery.

When I was starting out, my boss told me to go out and grease the universal joints on a fire truck that had pulled up. I crawled under the behemoth, and without thinking, attached the hose to the Zerk fitting, and opened my mouth for what reason I do not know. I hit the handle on the grease guy, and the clean grease went in, and the dirty grease shot out, back into the farthest reaches of my mouth, so far back my fingers could not get there. 40 years later, and I still remember the taste of that grimy u-joint grease.

Remember to extend the pinky finger.....

when upon greasing the suspension springs. Most lady like indeed.

She must have been a somebody

Is her licence place number 3? Wouldn't you have to be someone special to have such a low number?

[It reflects the numbering convention for California dealer plates at the time. -tterrace]

High ranking

If license plate No. 3 warrants this beautiful damsel, imagine what the servicing ladies for 2 and 1 must have looked like.

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