No, Tommie's not the guy with the anchor up ... well, with the anchor. That's me. Tiburon is a Marin County town on San Francisco Bay, and Tiburon Tommie's was a Chinese restaurant with a decor and cocktail selection that today would be called Tiki. Opened about 1955 by Tommie Cox and former Trader Vic's employee Johnnie Won, it closed around 1997 and today exists only in the warm nostalgic memories of older Marinites. This is the bay side of the building, which itself no longer exists. Existing was something that I didn't know this slide did until a couple days ago, when my friend who took it in 1969 and I were rooting around the spare room of his house and found a bunch of slides he'd forgotten about. This one's a 126 Ektachrome taken with a Kodak Instamatic. I recognized those aluminum sticks in the lower right corner as legs of my tripod, so I must have been taking Super-8 movies that day. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos