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Farrar and June Burn: 1929

Farrar and June Burn: 1929

April 3, 1929. "Main Street a la Cart." The Burn Ballad Bungalow on G Street in Washington, D.C. (I just know there's someone out there who can rescue these people from obscurity, regardless of how much they may have deserved it. Who were they?) 4x5 glass negative, National Photo Co. Collection. View full size. [Thanks to Shorpy reader Janet we have the answer: These are the wandering writers June and Farrar Burn and their sons North and South.]


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My great-grandparents

June and Farrar are my great-grandparents. My grandfather is South Burn and my father Mark Burn. I would love to see the other photos and hear any stories about my family that any of you may have heard.


I sure can relate to these two...they are are Hippies, 1929 style. They are modern in any era. (In spite of his dumb suit).


I've seen a picture of relatives who were boys in the late 1930s. They both wore shorts and had their socks rolled tightly the way you see them in this photo. Does anyone remember this, and how long did it last? My mother was also in that photo, doesn't remember the sock thing, and also wonders about it.


The guy on our left looks like he's got a shiner in his right eye. Wonder where from?

And now, thanks to this place, I've got a new book to read!

[It's a shadow, not a shiner. Below, detail from a another photo. - Dave]

June and Farrar Burn

I was thrilled to find this photo on your site. First of all, where did you find it in the first place? June Burn is a famous Northwest writer, especially for her book, Living High, and sailing books. Farrar Burn's brother was Bob Burn or Burns, Bing Crosby's sidekick, and Farrar was a fair musician in his own right. The couple crossed the country at least twice with their boys, the first time pulling a goat cart and staying overnight in small towns and churches, literally singing for their supper. I would love to find other photos of them if anyone can direct me to them. Meanwhile, you can read more about June and the Burns at our site Skagit River Journal, including our full profile at our old domain here.

We welcome inquiries.

[I found this picture (as well as a second image) browsing at random through the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs catalog online. The caption information, taken from the handwritten labels on the negatives, was a bit garbled: "Burus Ballard Bungalow." But our Shorpy viewers figured it out. Maybe now the LOC can set the record straight. - Dave]

Mom & Dad

I wish I'd had adventurous and imaginative parents like this.

Farrar and June

are mentioned in Annie Dillard's book The Writing Life. She lived on an island in Puget Sound and met someone who had known them; this man tells a story about Farrar going out rowing and being carried out to the sea, then rowing against the current all night and coming back the next day.

Living High

June's book "Living High" is one of my favorites. A must read.

The Burn Bungalow Housecar

The hubcaps say DB, for Dodge Brothers, who made trucks before they made cars. It rather looks like a truck chassis and wheels.

AAA not oldest

Royal Automobile Club (UK) was founded in 1897. It wouldn't surprize me to see French or German automobile associations from about that time.

Mr B

I think he looks like Kramer.

June and Farrar Burn

Here you go: [link]

There is a picture of the same car if you scroll down.

[Fantabulous. Thank you! - Dave]


so, AAA was in existence in 1929.

Was it the first national automobile association for drivers in the world?

[In 1929 the American Automobile Association was over a quarter-century old. Wikipedia link. - Dave]

Mr. B

He does have a hip Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra vibe about him doesn't he?

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