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Vintage Vinyl: 1963

"Boston, 1963. Records for sale in hi-fi store." Where the fi goes at least as high as Blaupunkt Multiplex Stereo. 35mm negative, photog unknown. View full size.

"Boston, 1963. Records for sale in hi-fi store." Where the fi goes at least as high as Blaupunkt Multiplex Stereo. 35mm negative, photog unknown. View full size.


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1963 seems correct for this

This cannot be from 1959–1960, because "The Wildest Music from the Wildest Party Ever Filmed!" is the soundtrack LP for the movie "The Interns," which was released in August 1962. There are other post-1960 records here as well, e.g. Dakota Staton's "Dakota at Storyville" LP came out in January 1962. For a bargain bin of slow-selling records marked down (perhaps repeatedly), 1963 sounds exactly correct as a date.

Also, it definitely isn't true that the records are all mono. Towards the left, I count at least seven or eight LPs having the characteristic stereo banners used by various record labels, including RCA Victor's large white "Living Stereo" on a black background, London Records' nipped-in "Stereophonic", and Capitol Records' plain "Stereo".

1963? Seems more like 1959-1960

What is the evidence that this is 1963? Virtually every record on that wall was from 1959-1960 or earlier. Even if it was a used record selection, you would expect several 1961-1962 records on the wall if it were 1963. These records were alo all mono, and the $1.25 price tag is not unusually low, given that sale prices on mono LPs in NYC stores in the mid 1960's was about $1.88 (Standard at Sam Goody). I have nearly every record on that wall, including the Kerouac (who I knew when I was a kid)

[1963 is correct. Scroll up! - Dave]

A few more albums

Alex did a fantastic job, but I thought I'd add a few more covers to the list.

06.10 Dakota Stanton - Dakota at Storyville - Capitol
11.01 Ray Ellis & His Orchestra - Ellis in Wonderland -Columbia
12.02 Barabbas -Original Movie Soundtrack - Colpix Records

No Kingston Trio?

But we do have Julie London! Great memories right there.

No Free lunch

The best way to start a record collection was by joining The Columbia House Record Club.They gave you 12 "free" records and you were then obligated to buy a certain number of a records over the next 12 months. However, if I remember correctly, every month you would be mailed a record and if you didn't want it you had to send it back or else pay for it.I got tired of the whole thing and when I fulfilled my obligation to them I just quit.

No inflation here

The majority of those records would still sell for a dollar. The main exception being the Kerouac/Allen record and the Ella Mae Morse "Morse Code."

Wallich's Music City

This picture takes me back to a store I frequented. It was a popular chain in Southern California, dating back to the 1940s.

They had records, sheet music, listening booths, instruments and you name it. I spent considerable sums of my youthful funds there.

The local store, in West Covina, has been gone for over 30 years, I would say. Perhaps more than 40. Time does fly by.

One more for Keely

Keely Smith was married to the trumpeter and entertainer Louis Prima, They were part of the first wave of entertainers in the Las Vegas showrooms of the 1950's. Their stage act was a riot. Louis would be all kinetic, she would deadpan; the perfect foil. As a singer, she was/is superb and yes, she is still with us. Search YouTube for her duet(?) with Kid Rock on "Old Black Magic". She sings him off the stage!

Keely Smith

I had the album on open-reel tape, scored from an ebay auction around 1999.

Keely Smith

I noticed on the front row an album by Keely Smith. Keely Smith played the character Francie Wymore, Lucas Doolin's girlfriend in the movie "Thunder Road."

Keely Smith

None better. Still with us, I believe.

"Word Jazz" (Ken Nordine)

More "Word Jazz":


I am amazed by the Beat poetry combo of Jack Kerouac and Steve Allen.

Stock Up Today

Interesting that many of the albums on the rack display $1.25 or $1 price tags, as when I started buying pop LP's two years later, most of them ran around $3 for mono or $4 for stereo. This Boston shop must have been a deeper discounter than the stores I frequented, unless this rack happened to be their "bargain bin" selection.

[This is, I suspect, the remainder rack or bargain bin. - Dave]

Pre-Invasion USA

This is the era I've been trying to explain to my boy (10 years old and a huge Beatles fan). Rock and Roll was definitely here to stay, but Mr. & Mrs. Suburbia were listening to this stuff. My folks had several titles pictured here. They did NOT care for the Rock n Roll.

I still spin new vinyl

It's easy and cheap to get phono pre-amps for modern equipment. I've also spent my whole teen and adult life maintaining me Dad's 1963 Scottkit component stereo and the tuner has a multipath meter.

Future Thrift Store fodder

You can still find many of these albums today, at Goodwill.

I want colors

Let the color man come by, please.
Here is the first one:

harry belafonte calypso lp

And here 57 covers of the 119 I was able to find until now:
Click here for a somewhat larger size and the list of found records.

== Update ==
Thanks to AKabaker we now have 60 covers, and are still counting ....

Multiplex stereo

Multiplex stereo was the technique that allowed FM radio stations to broadcast stereophonic sound beginning in 1961.

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