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Sliced Peaches: 1958

Sliced Peaches: 1958

Circa 1958. Plymouth meets peaches in the first of a series of car crash photos taken in and around Oakland, California. 4x5 Kodak Safety Film. View full size.


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My first driving job

I drove a Jimmy almost like that one. Mine had a 4 cylinder diesel and this one I think had a 6 cyl gas engine. I was working for college money, and after years I ended up spending the last 30 years of my working life back in a truck. Who woulda thunk?


Would that GMC 750 diesel be sporting the big 6 cylinder rattler or its smaller 4 pot brother?

Headlights not on

Actually, the headlights are not on. The lighting effect is the result of skillfully balanced fill flash.

The scene is basically backlit as indicated by the main shadows. On-camera fill flash was used to lighten the otherwise overly dark front of the car. This has introduced some sharp highlight reflections on shiny surfaces.\

[You can see the filament lit on the lamp facing us, and a reflection from the other headlight off the truck fender. And you can see them both lit up here. - Dave]

The Civil Dork Patrol

They would be those young gentlemen wearing the helmets.

Headlights On

Doesn't seem to have helped.

Product placement

Ultimately, Del Monte's series of ads featuring deadly accidents provided little sales growth and were discontinued.

"Going to be eating soft foods for a while? Ask your grocer for Del Monte sliced peaches!"

A&N Towing Co.

The doors were likely secured by the tow truck driver in preparation for moving the car.

Just Peachy.

Looks like it got T-boned badly on the passenger side, the doors on the drivers side are pushed outward at a severe angle.

The doors have also been tied up with something to keep them in place, that seems like an odd thing to do before they even picked up the peaches or moved the truck.

Canned Peaches

In heavy syrup?


I'm no expert but offhand I'd say that Plymouth is a total loss. Most likely so are some of the peaches. In all seriousness one must wonder how the driver and passengers fared as this car was manufactured in the era prior to seatbelts or airbags being standard equipment.

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