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Highway Patrol: 1957

Highway Patrol: 1957

Oakland, California, circa 1957. "Collision aerial." Aftermath of a crash between a Kaiser sedan (one of two in this photo) and a 1957 Chevy coupe. View full size.


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Spill on the road

That puddle beneath the overturned car, and underneath the gas tank, looks like gasoline to me.

"And remember: The careless driver isn't driving his car - he's aiming it! Tune in next week for another exciting adventure of Highway Patrol."

What's with all the rubberneckers?

If this is out in the country, where did all the spectators come from?

[Then, as now, rural areas are just over the hills from Oakland, with major routes connecting to suburbs in eastern Contra Costa County. -tterrace]

Traction bars

It looks like that Chevy has some traction bars fitted.


The stain is most likely gasoline, the filler is right above the left taillight.

[Trajectory looks off, unless the vehicle was moved after the accident. -tterrace]

Somebody bought it.

Looks like a big blood stain at the rear of the overturned vehicle.

Highway Patrol

2150 to Headquarters.

[The clowns at the circus, they're real funny, but on the highway they're murder! -Dan Mathews]

2150 to Headquarters

I imagine Dan Mathews is down there somewhere, giving someone the business about their reckless driving.

[Leave your blood at the Red Cross, not on the highway. -Dan Mathews]

2150 10-4

That looks like Dan Mathews by the left rear quarter panel of the Kaiser.

[It isn't what you drive, but how you drive that counts. -Dan Mathews]

1956 Dodge California Highway Patrol Car

The D-500 performance model supposedly had similar specs. Kid across the street had one, that thing had top end torque like you wouldn't believe.

Interesting Chevy

Looks like a '57 street racer. Bel Air two-door sedan, blackwalls, small hubcaps. But it does have dual exhausts and while its difficult to verify, it looks like it has the "Fuel Injected" script above the trim at the back of the front fender.

[Click to embiggen. - Dave]

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