D.Radhamma, wife of Shri. H.V.Rangarao, of Holalkere, Chitradurga Dist, Karnataka state. She was born at Bangalore, on 8th, August, 1908, after marriage came to Holalkere, and stayed up to 1980. Later she shifted her son's residence at Bangalore. She had 4 sons, H.R.Nagaraja rao, H.R.Ramakrishna rao, H.R.Laxmi Venkatesh, and H.R.Chandrasekhar. Radhamma was a gifted singer in Traditional kannada songs, had exceptional memory. She could sing a great book of songs namely 'Nala charitre' just by memory. She expired in August, 1991. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos