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Variety Show: 1953

Variety Show: 1953

Columbus, Georgia, circa 1953. "The Witt Store." Your headquarters for notions, sundries, gewgaws and baubles. 4x5 inch acetate negative. View full size.


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I Want

those overhead lights. The rest of the store may be junk but those lights would make my day.

Re: Tiny Bottles

Those six ounce bottles were the size that normally came in vending machines. If I recall correctly, they were called "pony" bottles.

Cheerful clerks

If that's the smiles they managed for picture day, I can just imagine the ones reserved for their hapless customers.

Reminds me of

Ollie's Bargain outlet. Or better yet The Whoopie Bowl south of Flint, MI.

I'd like

Four geegaws and two baubles, please. And throw in one sundry.


Back then there would be very little in the store that was from China. I wonder where all the stuff was made ?

[Turn it over and look on the bottom where it says "Made in Japan." -tterrace]

In addition to notions,

they also carried a nice assortment of gimcracks.

Coming Soon to a Strip Mall Near You

This is the 1953 version of today's 99 Cent store.

Pity you

if you move anything out of place!

Mother & Daughter

Or sisters? They look a lot alike.


That's about the biggest pile of junk I have seen. It reminds me of visiting a "Southern Dollar" store in the 60's


"Sure, we have 'em -- just along the back wall, to the left of the baubles."

Toy Dept.

Click to embiggen.

Tiny bottles

Six ounces! How did these people avoid starvation and dehydration?

Not an inch of space wasted

But what might that bottle sitting on the floor in the aisle be used for?

[Refreshment. Milk and two Cokes. - Dave]

What a selection!

I bet they also had their fair share of whatchamacallits, thingamajigs, and doomaflachies as well.

And Don't Forget

In addition to notions, they also deal in lotions and potions.


of the Body Snatchers.


The column o' sunglasses looks pretty much the same in today's pharmacy.

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