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Whitebread Sandwich: 1935

Whitebread Sandwich: 1935

Nov. 28, 1935. "Washington, D.C., street scene." One-stop shopping for Wonder Bread, Stud, Prince Albert, ice cream and what-have-you. View full size.


Mother's Bread becomes Wonder Bread

In the same Bread For The City: Shaw's Historic Bakeries we quoted in Epiphany: 1920 to give some information about "Corby's Mother's Bread & Cakes" we read that:

the Continental Baking Company, which had taken over the Corby bakery in 1925 ... replaced Corby's Mother's Bread with its new Wonder Bread product, which was rapidly gaining in popularity. In October 1925, the company, still using the Corby's name, advertised "a delicious new Cake Dedicated to the women of the nation's Capital! In homage to them named Hostess Cake!" It's not clear where the Hostess name actually originated, but it soon became the brand for all of Continental Baking's cake products.

Mickey Mouse?

What are the two stickers in the upstairs window? They look like Mickey Mouse, who was enjoying his first wave of popularity around this time.

[Looks possible. -tterrace]

Prior Superlative?

What was the "Best Thing" superlative BEFORE sliced bread? A poke in the eye with a sharp stick?

Happy Thanksgiving!

My limited research places this date as our annual festive holiday
often highlighted by the Macy Parade in NYC, feasting on turkey and all the trimmings day, football rivalry around the U.S., family fun and fighting day, too much food day, giving thanks day and whatever else it means to you. As for the people pictured, it appears they are quite poor, reside in a dreary slum neighborhood, may even be homeless, and the Great Depression has stifled their outlook on life. One wonders if they plan to share that loaf of bread.

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