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Shady Rest: 1950

Shady Rest: 1950

Columbus, Georgia, or vicinity circa 1950, and another snap from the "Housing" series. 4x5 acetate negative from the News Archive. View full size.


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River living

Looks like the house that my mother lived in back in the 30's & early 40's. First Ave on the Chattahoochee River at the intersection of 21st St.

What goes up might not come down

Looks like a mischievous tyke made a toy parachute from a handkerchief and Dad's tobacco pouch, then managed to get it hung up on an overhead wire.

The baby boom certainly hit that tiny community.

I count at least ten kids among the houses.

Take the Money and Run ... er, Roll!

Had it peradventure survived to the present in that condition, that Schwinn would be by far the most valuable artifact in the photograph.

Sell only 24 cases of salve!

That shiny bike has pride of place in this humble scene. What a story that must has been.

"Stay in your own yard"

That's something my mom always told us if we were have a temporary tiff with neighborhood kids, but these people had, literally, only about one square yard of space on their own porches. Somebody (maybe a visitor) appears to have a new, nifty bike but otherwise this is a stark picture of the "have-nots" as they have absolutely nothing to do and look bored beyond words. Hot, humid summers in Ga. with no a/c, no TV, no nothin', jammed in small, run-down homes, too close together, really must have been difficult. And talk about "airing your dirty laundry in public", it's all out there for all to see, although it looks very clean. Reminds me somewhat of the old "Petticoat Junction" intro without the happiness. Hope things got better for all of them.

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