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Liberty Mutual: 1963

Liberty Mutual: 1963

May 28, 1963. "Liberty Mutual Life Insurance Co., 444 Merrick Road, Lynbrook, Long Island. First floor, south wall." Bathed in the flattering glow of the fluorescents. 5x7 acetate negative by Gottscho-Schleisner. View full size.


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Despite the complaints, I like it better

I feel the need to put a counter-argument to those who don't seem to like this office. What I see:
-No old carpeting which is a staple of modern cubicle farms. Carpeting never seems to get replaced, or properly cleaned. You can guess why I find this disgusting. Just guess how old some offices are, and realize the carpeting never gets replaced...
-Windows! With people sitting next to them. With enough natural light, the ill effects of the modern overhead lights may be greatly abated.
-Cubicles. Mine were always L shaped, which made them much smaller. I think the design change is due to the computer being at the center, whereas here you would have a long desk instead. I believe it's more comfortable to move around a desk all day than to slouch and stare at the monitor, but that's a guess.
-Lastly, the space. Some cubicle farms have people sharing the cube! This looks like there's breathing space!
-Shirts and ties. Dilbert correctly labels the current trend "Business Dorky".

I'm quite surprised to learn that even in 1963, I think I'd like this office much better than the office of today! Looks healthier!

and PS. I've seen tons of these metal desks in public schools and other spaces. I was never fond of the off-grey quasi-table desk of the modern cube. I'd like to try a metal desk and see.

Soul-killing drudgery

My cube is better than yours!

Someone's in Trouble

Third cubicle back.

Re: If your gonna duck and cover

Been there, done that, with a real Steelcase!
I was on the phone with a vendor across the country, when a moderate quake hit.
(Moderate for me in California - Big Deal for the guys in Florida...)

Just Think --

Work hard and someday YOU'LL be moving up from a mere desk to a cubicle of your own! The view is certainly better.

Lateral mobility

Wonder what it took to migrate from left to right across the linoleum tile and into a cubicle?


I'm amazed at the amount of free space. Look at the width of that aisle; these days, there would be about 100 cubicles on that floor space.

The haves and have-nots

their own private space, that is.

The outside

is just as dull and sterile as the inside

Not much

has changed since 1948.

If you're gonna duck and cover, make it a Steelcase!

Those sure look like Steelcase desks.


Bleak, but hey, there is plenty of light. I always hate these stark offices. So sterile and uninviting.

Heavy Metal

Between wooden desks, I once bought a used metal office desk. Much heavier. I don't know what I was thinking.

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