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Slippery When Wet: 1955

Slippery When Wet: 1955

Oakland, California, circa 1955, and another crepuscular rendezvous of vehicular violence. 4x5 acetate negative from the News Photo Archive. View full size.


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Fairly commonly used word in our household. Our older daughter - who will be 26 next week - always complains, when she sees a deer in the neighborhood in broad daylight: "Deer are supposed to be crepuscular!" She's been doing that for 12 years or more. No surprise she majored in English in college.

Thank You Finelines

I got the Ford right off but the other car had me baffled. I was leaning to a '48 Plymouth/Dodge but the extra styling edge on the front bumper nixed that. As my Mother used say, having grown up milking cows, "Now that my bag is easy, I can rest."


Car ID

That was a 1949 Ford and a 1941 Oldsmobile before the merger.

Crepuscular rays

I had always used the term crepuscular with the word "ray" attached to it - sunlight shining through holes in clouds creating sunbeams. I had to go look up its definition when used as a standalone word and found out that it means twilight. Thanks, I learned something new today.

The Result of Crepuscular Aquaplaning?

It appears that the Ford tried to take a running leap into the grille of the opposition. Note the debris on the street: Looks like a pair of spectacles, a small screwdriver, pages from a book, and what might have been a hat. Under the Ford is a California license plate standing on its edge, as if posed there for the photographer.


Thank Dave. I learned a new word today. Doubt I'll ever use it though.

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