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Crush vs. Crown: 1940

Crush vs. Crown: 1940

August 1940. "Natchez, Mississippi, grocery window." Illustrating the gradual accretion of soft-drink signage on retail stores like barnacles on the hull of a ship. Medium format negative by Marion Post Wolcott. View full size.


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Today’s Top 5

Coke? Nope. Pepsi? Nope. RC? YES!

To this day I still believe RC is the best tasting cola. I really don't understand how Coke and Pepsi dominate the market. Coke has too much carbonation and Pepsi is too sweet and syrupy. RC is just right.

Exposed brick

There are people who go out of their way to get that "vintage" look today. Usually Shops, Restaurants or the "Historic" district of many cities.

Double Cola

Puts both of the pictured beverages to shame.

Door handle

The half moon is the "handle".

The Hidden Sign

Any guesses about that sign thet's end on to us? From the shadow it and its rather elegant Moderne hanger cast, some Shorpyite should be able to identify it.

RC Worldwide

I was kind of stunned when I saw RC Cola in a filling station in rural Iceland. I thought it was mainly a southern US thing! Sadly, they did not have the usual adjunct, a Moon Pie.

Anyone remember these two sodas?

Whenever I ask old timers like myself if they remember two certain brands of soda, nobody I know can remember them. Growing up in Connecticut, two big sellers in the forties and fifties were (1) Pal Ade, a delicious non-carbonated flavorful orange drink sold only in glass bottles and (2) Frosh, a carbonated, very purple, robust concord grape soda, also sold only in glass bottles. Both of them were favorites of mine and I have not seen or heard of them in decades. Did I just imagine these two beverages?

Let there be light

Could the semicircular cutouts at the top of the shutters be to let in a small amount of light?

RC Cola and Moon Pie

Anyone else remember the old-timey song: "Give me an RC Cola and a Moon Pie, and sing me Maple On the Hill"?


My 3rd thru 8th grade years ('56 thru '60) were spent in Alamance County, North Carolina. Signage, in my memory, was ubiquitous and split between RC Cola and Pepsi.

An artists subject for sure

I would like to know what the sign is that is casting that great shadow, and to note the reason for the half circles at the top of the window shutters, to allow light in when closed?

Good Housekeeping

What did RC Cola do to achieve the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval -- or, what did Orange Crush fail to do?

[Step 1: Advertise in Good Housekeeping magazine. -tterrace]

Window screen

Hole in screen perfect for passing an RC out to a buddy waiting for it...

RC was always better than Coke. Orange Crush better than Nehi. So I thought.

And also better in glass bottles! I miss saving them for trade-in.

Good Housekeeping

Is that a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval bug on the RC sign?

Nice thru screen eye hook for security, crime must have been low. I know those shutters have a half circle removed at the top for a reason. Or just repurposed lumber?

76 years later, you can still buy both sodas.

Have some Orange Crush in the refrigerator and see RC Cola at the store every time I go shopping for food.

Happy New Year!

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