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Oh Grow Up: 1954

Oh Grow Up: 1954

February 26, 1954. "Large group of infants in high chairs with various adult foods on their trays." Large-format color transparency by Arthur Rothstein for the Look magazine assignment "No one eats better than Baby." View full size.


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Another twist

It must have taken some care and a fancy camera to get all the children in focus - and not the floor. I presume the camera had twist and tilt lens and film carrier...

Tinted Tots

Wait ... Nobody has noticed yet the blatant yellow touch-up on some heads?

OK, Uh! Hello There?

said the baby on the left with the pineapple "What is this yellow thing with the spikes on top? Oh, and, is it dangerous? Someone, please help!"

Twist on Oliver

Kid with the strange pineapple on the plate: "Please, Sir, may I have less?"


That would probably be the average age of the tykes in this group. I would love to see a remake of this scene using the same people today!

Incidentally, I'll have that porterhouse steak in the front row, please!

That ain't right

Are those beets on the plate next to the porterhouse steak? If that's a regional thing, it's a region I never want to visit. Somebody get that kid some garlic mashed potatoes and horseradish sauce, please.

Gay Puree

Looks like the purpose is to show what's in those jars and cans.

There's always one

who thinks the other man's grass is greener, second row back.

I get it!

First off, I think that's a stewed chicken, not raw vegetables.

Second, it looks like each of the kids also has a baby-food version of what's on his or her tray. Kinda clever

Wait a darn minute

She gets Strawberries and Cream and I get Asparagus???!

Such pallor

Pretty much everything looks better in vintage photos. Except food.

Cuteness level goes to 11

You can tell of the babies is looking over at his mom stage left and is giggling.

Love the pic.

Break Room

I hope the floor is resilient, because you don't put glass jars on trays in front of infants.

Still, cute picture.

All you can eat buffet

Amazing that the photographer could have snapped this shot so quickly before most of the babies began smearing the food all over themselves and everything else. I notice that innate human nature has taken over the baby with the tray of raw vegetables (second from the right in the second row) and she has decided to grab a fist full of pink pudding from her closest ally nearby. It is also amusing that the very small boy (next to the last row, extreme left) has already dug into his cream covered dessert and has a cream mustache. Whoever took this picture is as talented as the photographer who did all your "cats as humans" photos from a while back. Very cute.

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