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Say Cheese: 1960

Say Cheese: 1960

Here's my contribution to that popular Shorpy genre, the unsmiling-group photo. In this case, it's because I told them all to stay verrrry still for the brief time exposure. I was using the only camera had access to at the time that could do that, an old c.1935 Kodak Junior Six-16. The negative is long gone, so I scanned this from a period print.

My mother is standing in the back at center, and we're in the Larkspur, California home of our friends, the man on the couch with the shillelagh and his wife seated at right. At the left is their daughter and her husband. She was recently seen in this same wainscoted room here. The only one who moved during the exposure, probably because she's trying to restrain her squirming pomeranian, is our neighbor at upper right, the mother of one of my childhood chums. I may have known who the other couple was at one time, but no more. View full size.

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Re Compelling photo

This intriguing photo also catches the transition from the '50s (the ample skirt and the waist of the opulent satin dress worn by the hostess) versus the '60s look of the (apparently) expecting lady on the left. Their hair also points to this aspect.

I must admit my preference goes to the blond lady, as, although I grew up in the '60s,I never liked that style, beginning with my mother's hairdo!

Compelling photo

One of the most intriguing photos I've seen on and every time I look at it I see something else. The progression of the expressions, starting with the seated woman on the right and going clockwise, ending with the joy of the woman holding the dog. The lighting. The way the wainscoting and couch throw the people out of scale. The pattern in the open doorway, and the fact that the older gentleman is holding a shillelagh! The odd pattern on the chair the young woman is sitting in. The handsome young man staring as intently as the soldier in the recent Memphis bus station photo.

Sometimes one takes a photo that is like this; where you wonder, "Is THIS what I saw?"

Get a Clue

Professor Plum in the Drawing Room with the Candlestick?

The Godmother of

tterrace, for me there is no reason for you to introduce or identify your mother. Her photo is as familiar to me as my mother's. She is definitely the Godmother of

Seven years older

Wonderful pairing: woman on left with her younger self at the senior prom (follow tt's link). The prom girl would be about 18, so I figure she's 25 here. She didn't marry her prom date.

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