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Tailfin Roulette: 1963

Tailfin Roulette: 1963

October 1963. "Cars in parking garage at base of Marina Towers high-rise apartment building, Chicago." 35mm acetate negative from photos for the Look magazine assignment "Living on the Top." View full size.


63 Riv

also had BUICK in block letters center of trunklid, 64 has Riviera script on right side trunk lid.

Buick Riviera

I believe the Riviera is a 1963. The tail light lenses featured a round Buick emblem in '63 and an oval Riviera "R" emblem in '64. Hard to see but the emblem looks round instead of oval to me.

I gotta get to work every day on time

So although the MG is a sweetheart, I have to go with the Riviera.

Valet lift

In the late 1990s, when Wacker Drive was being rebuilt and my office building's parking was closed, I parked at Marina City for several months. The valets operated the system almost flawlessly, helped by "manlifts," as shown in the video below.

The biggest issue was the length of time it took to have your car delivered during peak times, like Friday afternoon rush hour or when a well-known act was playing at The House of Blues. All cars were parked with their tails facing outward.


Looks like the best vending machine I've ever seen.


I would hate to be one of those who had to park on the top floor of the garage. Nineteen floors of going around and around.

Marina Towers, featuring

more Cadillacs per capita than any other tower in town - and one lonely Imperial.

1963 Impala Chevrolet SS convertible

I can still hear that dual exhaust. What music to a 14 year old.


In the Steve McQueen movie "The Hunter" There's a car chase through the parking garage and a car goes off the 17th floor into the Chicago River. Details here.

Definitely an MG TC

The definitive clue is the angle of the spare tire. On the TC it is nearly vertical; on the TD it has a noticeable slant toward the rear (from top to bottom).

Definitely a TC, definitely

All imported TCs had right-hand steering, all TDs had left-hand steering.

Lots of Cadillacs!

OK I'll take a stab at it:

First I agree, that's an MG TC

Top row: 1960 Buick; 1957-8 Mercury; 1955 Oldsmobile

Next row down: ?? Corvair; 1960 Cadillac; 1962 Oldsmobile; 1963 Pontiac; 1960 Cadillac

Next row: 1960 Cadillac; 1963 Chevrolet; ?? Buick Riviera; 1960 Cadillac; 1959 Ford; 1960 Cadillac

Next row: 1959 Cadillac; 1959 Buick; 1961? Imperial

Tough to find rear view pics to confirm model years, but no question on the brands.

[The "1955" Olds is 1952 or 1953. The "1960" Cadillacs are 1963 except for one 1962. -tterrace]

[That's a 1957 Mercury; the Imperial is a 1960 model. - Dave]

Backed in ?

I look forward to Shorpy readers identifying all the autos shown. What impresses me, though, is that all of the cars were backed in to their spaces. How is that possible?

[100% compliance with landlord's rules Valet parking. -tterrace]


I believe the MG is a TC, which preceded the TD.The large-diameter wire wheels are typical, where the TD had either pressed steel wheels or optional wire wheels of a smaller diameter.

MG or GM

The MG in the pic is a TD, which had separate headlights. The TF was the only year, 1955, that molded the headlights into the fenders. The next year introduced the MGA which was a totally different body style without running, boards.

Darn it, Shorpy

... of all the images I would want to buy as a print ...

[Well OK. - Dave]

Is that a

TD or TF ?

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