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Do Touch That Dial: 1957

Do Touch That Dial: 1957

        "Dick turned the volume up to 11 to drown out the sound of Mary's infernal pecking, while silently she plotted her revenge. Well, not really silently -- Mary was typing her plan at the kitchen table."

December 1957. Washington, D.C. "Man tuning console radio while woman in next room types." 35mm negative from the News Photo Archive. View full size.


Anniversary Clocks

... were designed to run for a year on one winding. They were often given as an anniversary present, and you could wind yours on your anniversary.

Risky future!

Those tiles in the typing room are most likely asbestos.

Mary's Plan

Step 1: Start running the vacuum cleaner.

I just bought one!!!

I just purchased a volume of Child Craft (visible behind the plant) to read to my grandson. That very edition, too. I bet there was a child just as loved who enjoyed the set in the photo, too.

Not an Edison Stock Ticker

But the ubiquitous anniversary clock. My mother had one in the 50's as did all my aunts in their homes. Never understood whose anniversary it was named for.

Three Who Made A Revolution

Just above the crown of the man's head. Part of the Russian theme in the bookcase. Published in 1948, by Bertram D. Wolfe (1896 to 1977). On Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin. From the Kirkus Review: "We see the inner working and thoughts of revolutionists, their bickering and fighting, their willingness to sacrifice each other to win their goals. One marvels at the spirit of dedication to a cause, but it is frightening to see how little individuals -- or the world -- count in the determination to dominate."


The console radio pictured is a Magnavox 134B Berkeley.

This was a high end radio produced in the late 1940s. The cost when new was about $350 (about $3500 in 2017 dollars). The radio pictured is not equipped with the $65 optional FM tuner, which would have been located in the blank panel just above the AM/Short Wave tuner dial.

EDIT: Berkeley

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