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Radio Highlights: 1957

Radio Highlights: 1957

December 1957. Washington, D.C. "Man with broadcast listings; woman tunes radio." The console set, seen earlier here, is evidently a portable, or maybe this is a two-radio household. News Photo Archive 35mm negative. View full size.


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Military family?

That Turkish tray and the camel saddle could be found in the living room of almost any U.S. Army or Air Force family back in the '50s and '60s that had spent time in Germany. They sold those things by the thousands in base exchanges all over Germany. My wife and I, both military brats, both have the camel saddles our parents bought back then.

Casual Friday?

Because everybody lounged around the house in 1957 dressed it sport coats, skirts and high heels.

Newspaper radio logs

One can look up the radio programming for any day from 1930-1960 at this website:

And it may just be an artist with a similar technique, but that caricature looks like an Al Hirschfeld.

Better location for the pricey radio

It was blocking access to part of a bookcase and jutting out into the doorway between the living room and dining area in the previous photo.

Bursting your bubble


Hate to burst your bubble but these people were not world-travelers, just stylish. Those camel saddles and trays were extremely popular and were mass-produced right here in the U.S. of A. Antique malls are full of them.

Also, I doubt they were a two-radio family. One of the popular pass-times for bored housewives was re-arranging the furniture.

My mother used to get up and re-arrange the furniture in the middle of the night if she couldn't sleep. Not popular with my bare-footed dad the next day when he stubbed his toe on chairs that had mysteriously moved overnight.

Radio/TV December 1, 1957: Cold War, Classics, Comedy, & Sports

Some of the Washington, DC television programs that the newspaper Washington Star recommended for viewing for Sunday, December 1, 1957:

WTOP “Red Telephone: A first look at the heart of this country’s powerful retaliatory striking force - the underground command post of the Strategic Air Command.”

WRC “Omnibus: Composer Conductor Leonard Bernstein with highlights from the stage production of “Mary Stuart” and a narration of his musical tour through Israel.”

WTOP “Conquest: Eric Sevareid narrates with his customary perception the story of a balloon ascent to over 100,000 feet, blood cell research, and deep ocean exploration.”

WTOP “20th Century: Vertijets” examines the attempt to construct a plane that can take off and land without an airstrip and some of the weird airplanes that the Air Force has tested. Interesting Show.”

WRC “Ted Mack’s Amateur Hour: features talent from Albania and Yugoslavia.”

WRC “Dinah Shore Show: features Jimmy Durante and Italian film star Rossano Brazzi.”

WTOP “Ed Sullivan Show: features Polly Bergen, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and as much rock and roll as any group should be expected to take, Sam Cook, Bobby Helms, and Ray and the Crickets.”

Washington DC radio highlights included:

“Invitation to Learning: David Hume’s Inquiry Into Human Understanding.”

“Concert Hall: works by Haydn, Brahms, and Bizet.”

Washington Redskins versus Chicago Bears and Baltimore Colts versus Los Angeles Rams

“Fact the Facts: Belated kudos to the late Senator Joseph R. McCarthy - Developed in retrospect, how his Senate Investigating Committee instigated house cleaning in Government.”

“Hillbilly Hit Parade: Don Owens plays top ten songs.”

“Meet the Press: Guest Dr. Simon Rymo, chief scientist for the Air Force Ballistic Missile Organization.”

“Leading Question: Basic Soviet foreign policy is discussed by Professors Buce C. Hopper and Robert C. Tucker.”

Turkish Delight

This couple has visited Turkey - or loves Turkish accessories. The first photo had a Turkish tea tray mounted on the wall; this photo has a "camel saddle" seat.

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