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Santa Cruise: 1984

Santa Cruise: 1984

OK, they're parked rather than cruising, nevertheless this compendium of classic cars, this Valhalla of vintage vehicles, this body of beachside barouches is ripe for perusing in the super-duper-size scan of this 35mm Kodacolor 100 negative I shot in Santa Cruz, California. I was there visiting my brother, at the time an English teacher at Santa Cruz High. Camera: Konica Autoreflex T, 57mm f1.4 Hexanon lens. Last year I had it refurbished and used it for the first time in over 30 years. Every so often I'll shoot a roll of color negative film just for fun. View full size.

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Wish I was there then! Wish I could see a NOW pic of this same spot, SIGH!
Oh, almost forgot to say Thank You tterrace & dave!

James Bondy Cars

Roger Moore, before his Bond roles, drove a white P1800 in the TV series, 'The Saint'. Nice cars, getting more valuable as time has gone by.

I see two of my family's cars

In the row closest to the beach, between the Camaro and the Karmann Ghia, I think I see a Honda Accord. I'm not 100% on that, but the bronze color was unique. My dad's was a '79, same color, and was the car I learned to drive in, on a deserted dirt road in the Mojave Desert, when I was 13. Near the far right end of the middle row, next to the S-10 pickup with the camper shell, is a Dodge Colt, visually identical to my first car, also a '79. Nobody would call it a great car, but I had my fun with it. I suppose I will eventually get used to looking at a photo full of "vintage" cars, in which none of them are before my time.

Some Interesting Cars

Some unusual and interesting cars in that pic:

Coming at us around the curve on the left is a mid-70's AMC Concord; 4th car from left facing the beach is yellow and black Jeep Cherokee Chief(probably a '78 based on badge behind side window); in the middle row is the aforementioned Volvo P1800; just to the right of the Volvo a Pontiac Firebird with T top; and probably the most unusual one there is the Renault R15/17 behind the guy with the boogie board on the right!

Nothing to add, except ...

Great shot! Thanks for sharing, tterrace!

The '80s can keep the K-Car

I'll take the '71 or '72 gold Grand Prix on the right in the center row. Must not be restrictions on truck parking, or the driver of the Mack Superliner ignored them and took a stroll on the beach.

Silver bullet

I would take either of those classic VW vans. But can someone tell me what make is that James Bondy car beside the red VW beetle?

[Scroll down! - Dave]


On that lovely silver Volvo P1800 in the center of the picture.

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