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Top 20 Images of 2007

Top 20 Images of 2007

Welcome to the first annual Shorpy Top 20 New Year's Eve Image Countdown, where we recap the year's most popular posts based on number of reads. You can keep track as the evening progresses on the grid below. (We'll get to the Top 10 starting around 11 p.m. Eastern Time.) And the No. 1 post of 2007, with 104,800 reads: A screen grab of  . . .  The Beaver Letter! Whew. Well that was fun but exhausting. Thanks to everyone for making this a super first year for Shorpy!

The ranking grid and read numbers reflect picture standings as of 4 p.m. Eastern time on December 31, 2007. View counts rounded to the nearest whatever.

No. 1: The Beaver Letter, 1958 (104,800 reads)
No. 2: Pie Town Dugout, 1940 (89,800 reads)
No. 3: Weeki Wachee Mermaid, 1947 (85,500 reads)
No. 4: Brooklyn Pin Boys, 1910 (84,700 reads)
No. 5: Inter-City Beauties, 1927 (73,200 reads)
No. 6: Pageant of Pulchritude II, 1928 (37,300 reads)
No. 7: Beach Policeman, 1922 (37,100 reads)
No. 8: Mr. 535-07-5248 and Wife, 1939 (36,800 reads)
No. 9: Custer Car, 1924 (24,700 reads)
No. 10: Carina Nebula (20,935 reads)
No. 11: Chicago & North Western Locomotive Shops, 1942 (20,750 reads)
No. 12: 1951 Oldsmobile Final Assembly (18,290 reads)
No. 13: Flying Fortress, 1942 (18,270 reads)
No. 14: Pageant of Pulchritude, 1928 (18,200 reads)
No. 15: The Virtual Buick, 1953 (17,300 reads)
No. 16: Carnival Ride From Hell, 1911 (16,600 reads)
No. 17: Hi-Fi Boombox, 1954 (15,000 reads)
No. 18: Bathing Girl Parade, 1920 (14,900 reads)
No. 19: Migrant Mother, 1936 (14,800 reads)
No. 20: Manhattan skyline in 1901 (14,500 reads)

On Shorpy:
Today’s Top 5


Such a fine collection for Shorpy's first annual Top Twenty photos.

Thank you Dave, for all that you do.

Happy New Year everyone, may we all be be blessed with health, happiness, and prosperity in 2008.

The Beaver Letter!

Okay, now I can go out for the evening! This was a blast - hope you'll do it again next year!

[Yes, well. Thanks. Hope we're here next year! Which is actually this year. Happy 2008, everyone. - Dave]

Pie Town at No. 2

Not bad, not bad at all. There's just something about a place called Pie Town.

[Yep, I was very happy to see that. Although it's a little sad that Shorpy himself couldn't be No. 1 (or even have a spot in the Top 20 ... although if you count his three photos as one, he got close to 20,000 views). - Dave]

Lovin' the countdown

Now I'm kinda sorry I'm going out tonight! I'll check back to see how it all turns out as soon as I come home. Happy New Year, Dave, and thanks for all the great Shorpiness!

[Thanks Mattie! Too bad we can't be Tivo'd. - Dave]

Top 20

Great Idea, I wonder if a "Beaver" shows up or an out of this world photo?

[The envelopes are sealed. No holding them up to the light! - Dave]


I myself wonder why some of these were so popular. Give me a good old Pie Town picture any day. I hope there is a picture from Pie Town in the top 20. Is there Dave? Huh? Is there?

[Mayyybe. Maybe not. Only one way to find out! - Dave]

The Countdown...

What a great idea! This is a good way to give the most popular images another viewing, and the grid format with the numbers makes a nice display.

As I write this, we're only at number 19 but the number for views is amazing -- nearly 15,000! It will be interesting to see all twenty, and see if we can generalize about what kind of photographs tend to get the most views here.

Happy New Year, one and all!

[Thanks! I'm so excited my party hat keeps falling into the champagne fountain! - Dave]

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