This must have been a big deal party because the woman in the foreground with her hand at her hip is my grandmother, Marie. She lived two states away from Levittown, Pennsylvania, in New York City. She did not visit often. Leaning against the sink, with her arm also on her hip, is Dorothy Neil, our next door neighbor. My mother, Arlene, is the center adult. What she is doing at the counter, I don’t know. But this picture makes it clear that it is her arm getting something from under the sink in last week’s picture. I am guessing that the crouching child is me because she seems to be setting the not-table with plastic candy baskets. I can’t imagine a guest doing that. This shot also makes me question the date. Standing up, these girls look bigger than nursery school. I would guess they were kindergartners. But they can’t be because the Neils did not live next door to us in 1960. They did in 1959 and 1961. So these must be first graders, making it my seventh birthday. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos