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Back to School: 1965

Back to School: 1965

When I took this Kodachrome slide of Virginia City's Fourth Ward School building in August 1965 I had never heard of Arthur Rothstein, much less realized I was following in his footsteps a quarter century after he took this photograph. Other things I didn't know then was that a neighbor in Larkspur had once lived, worked and met Ulysses S. Grant here, or that exactly one year later I'd be back with my family and our new Rambler. View full size.

Kodak Retina

Almost of the same age as you (I was born february 1946, 1 week and 9 months after WW II ended in the city where my parents lived), I also was a proud owner of a Kodak, in my case a Kodak Retina, I got from my father, who had managed to get it illegally imported from Germany (including the "Bereitschaftstasche"). I am very, very sad to say that I lost it during a vacation .....

P.S. are your dates correct: did you really take this picture in august 1965 and the other two in august 1966, or where they al taken during the same trip?

[The 1965 trip was with a friend and his family; 1966 was with my family in our new Rambler station wagon. -tterrace]

Reminiscent of Edward Hopper

"House by the Railroad."

Why I love Shorpy

This photo, the comments, and the links back to other photos and comments are pure wonderfulness. This site is the best of the Internet.

Kodak cameras

Lots of nice cameras were offered by Kodak and that was one of them. Compact, quiet, razor-sharp lens.

I wore out a Signet 80 outfit my dad gave me. It was top-notch.

I didn't know either

I was well aware of the Fourth Ward School, since I drove past it every day on my way to high school, just a bit before your picture was taken.

Didn't know Rothstein from anything. But, I like your portrait just as much. Glad I got to see both of them here. The other VC photos too.

I gots to know ...

Tterrace, was that beautiful photo taken with a rangefinder camera?

[Kodak Retinette 1A. The second window was to project the viewfinder framing guide, not for range-finding. -tterrace]

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