Photo is from my children's great-great-grandfather's possessions. Frederick Ormiston Henry was a pioneer trader and early shareholder in the Mt. Lyell Mine. This Mt. Lyell train may be part of an official opening ceremony or possibly the start of the annual picnic trains that took mine workers each year to the Port of Strahan for a company picnic day until the 1960s. The photo is captioned "1898 With best wishes for a prosperous and happy New Year to you all from (Indecipherable)" maybe Prineys Linder? The Mt. Lyell Mine on the west coast of Tasmania was developed in the 1890s within the vast West Coast Wilderness area. The rail link over the rivers and ranges provided access from 1897 to the (short lived) river Port of Teepookana (pictured). The railway ran until 1963 and reopened as a tourist railway using the original ABT System locomotives on 27 December 2002 as the Abt Wilderness Railway. It stills runs today. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos