As I have said before, my mother was decidedly Mrs. Sewandsew. Along with making us matching RCA Picnic shirts in Princeton, she made matching red dresses for her, me, and a tiny one that was an exact replica of ours for my Barbie doll. These were not special occasion clothes. They had great big pockets with pointed tops (since she knew I would wear, and wear, and wear anything with a big pocket for me to stash stuff in) and were of a pattern she designed which she identified as princess line. And yes, the faux pearl beads, and medium heels were the way she dressed on a regular day. She did not have house dresses or cleaning house clothes. Baby boomers will recognize the square object on the steps that you can see between me and my brother as a milk box. Each morning a man from a local dairy company delivered fresh milk to our house, using it. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos