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Omar: 1935

Omar: 1935

October 1935. A street scene in the mining town of Omar, West Virginia. 35mm negative by Ben Shahn for the Farm Security Administration. View full size.


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Dr. Dana Moore

Blitz...Your grandfather delivered my mother (Erma Crum Sargent) 83 years ago.

Omar, W.Va.

The house behind the man on the right was still standing in the 1970s. My grandfather Dana Moore was a doctor and lived there. We had many a good Christmas, sometimes with snow. Grandpa doctored some of the Hatfields and of course miners. My parents at one time had his birth books, he delivered a lot of babies. My father was born in Stirrat, just down the road.

Omar WV Mines

My father (Ervin Sargent) worked at Omar #5 and Stirrat #15. He is now 90 years old and loves talking about "those days."

The fella in the hat

What a looker he is! I agree about the Hitler looking mustache. I wonder what they were discussing.

Omar WV

I grew up here. Almost every building you see in this picture is now gone, many before the 1960s. When the companies abandoned these towns, the people abandoned them for lack of work.

Oh, but the railroad tracks and the roads are still there.

Mountain Home

Those homes on the mountainside must have been fun to build.

Think of what a good rainstorm could do to them?

The bike!

I thought there was a better picture. Where is it?

[Two posts up. Or you can click on the photographer's name above the photo. (Yes, I know I could just link to it right here. But give a man a fish ... ) - Dave]

Adolf Jr.

Looks like Little Hitler

Or Ernest Borgnine!

Or Ernest Borgnine!

Keep your eye on the sparrow

Methinks Robert Blake.


A few years later I bet he shaved that thing off!

You are in -- The Twilight Zone

That looks like Rod Serling on the right.

[Or Adolf Hitler. - Dave]

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