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Shirley With the Fringe: 1954

Shirley With the Fringe: 1954

December 1954. "Actress Shirley Jones on the set of the film version of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma!" 35mm Kodachrome from photos for the Look magazine assignment "The Girl from Oklahoma!" View full size.


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Shirley Partridge

I always forget she had a life before The Partridge Family!

Posed Pictures

This person really likes photos from the old Look magazine. I would miss them tremendously if they disappeared since I lost all my old Looks in a move in 1995.

Oklahoma - The Broadway Musical

I have a bit of trivia which I believe is true but cannot verify and that is that Rodgers and Hammerstein, who wrote all the music and lyrics for this long-running smash hit musical, never saw or came to Oklahoma until AFTER the show was a spectacular success on Broadway. This was a surprise to me because the words and music captured the feeling and atmosphere of the state and the story. Of course not everyone in Oklahoma was singing, dancing and celebrating during the 1930s, as we know just by seeing the 1939 pictures posted on Shorpy recently of the poverty and despair there at that time, but as in most times and places there are the "haves" and the "have-nots" and everyone in between. Shirley is still with us, and this picture was taken 64 years ago.

Geographically wrong

Ah, me, back at that time I thought Shirley Jones was the most beautiful woman in the world. But in later years in watching the movie, I had to chortle a bit when all those California mountains were in the background of ... Oklahoma. Obviously none of the producers had ever been there.

[And obviously you've never been to California! Those mountains and cornfields, along with the rest of the location shots, are in Arizona. - Dave]

LOOK I'd rather not!

Do people really like these LOOK staged photos? I find them so stilted and glossy that they don't really qualify as Shorpy authentic work. I would not miss them a bit if they disappeared.

Maybe they are worthy as historical documents, but they are all so fake looking to me.

[All our photos of Shirley Jones singing her way across the Oklahoma prairie seem to have been mislaid. If it's any consolation, this picture was taken on an actual Hollywood soundstage with an actual painted backdrop. - Dave]

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