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Can It: 1940

Can It: 1940

1940. Davidson's Bakery goods for sale in the cake display at Henry's (Harvey's?) grocery store in Olympia, Washington.

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During working hours?

Like itsangelo, I too noticed the Oly long-necks right off. Especially the front-left bottle, which had evidently been imbibing itself — noticeably tipsy!

What happened to Davidson's

If you do find any Angel/Angle Food Cake for sale, it won't be from Davidson's Bakery - here's the story of what happened to them:

BTW, are we sure the name of this establishment is Davidson's? There are lots of products on sale here that don't come from Davidson's - such as the eggs in the foreground.

National attention

I wonder whether this was a Davidson's promotion within a National Grocery Co. store. Many of the shelves are lined with Reliance-brand canned goods. Those lines were store brands of National Grocery, which was founded in Seattle in 1902 by Julius Lang. Lang, a native of California, was drawn to the Great Northwest by the Yukon gold rush, and opened stores in Washington and Alaska.

Rely on Reliance

Seems that a majority of the canned goods are labeled "Reliance" brand, which I admit to being unfamiliar with. I would have thought that there would be at least a few Libby's or Stokely's cans there even in 1940. I wonder if the rep for Reliance was in some way connected to the Davidson's people. Surprised the beer is in such a small out of the way space with so few facings.

Bring out the tongs!

I was always fascinated as a small boy by the clerk's dexterity in wielding long-handled "grabber" tongs to retrieve cans from the higher shelves. The slightest mistake could result in being beaned by a can of pickled okra, and if an avalanche were to be precipitated, call your insurer!

Now I use a similar but much smaller device to retrieve the morning paper from the driveway. With cane in one hand and tongs in the other, I must present a pitiful spectacle to the younger people of the neighborhood as they drive past, eager to take their places in the starting grid for the morning commute. I don't know if their quizzical looks are inspired by the tongs or by the idea of a hard-copy newspaper.

Deja Brew

I see a couple of old departed friends in the bottom right of the cooler. Olympia and Rainier, neither a "great" beer but always available. I remember some fun nights followed by some terrible mornings.

Angle Food Cake.

Back in the '50s I would walk to the store to get my Grandmother Angle food cake. I can't remember seeing it sold in years. Is it?

[They've changed the name. - Dave]

The very first thing that caught my eye

Was that Olympia Beer. I had quite a Few at a little bar in Mendocino many years ago, and as I remember, it was Delicious.

Any discount for the dented cans?

Two for the price of one, maybe?

I bet he sells these too

The Handy Dandy Swing -A- Way can opener. If he doesn't he should.

Anybody OCD Enough

To colorize this? It would be beautiful.

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