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Fun With Tuna: 1915

Fun With Tuna: 1915

August 1915. "Steamship ticket office at pier, Avalon, Catalina Island, California." 5x7 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


Oui, je parle français.

Dave already helpfully pointed out that the arrivals/departures board was in English, but in case anyone felt the need for an impromptu French lesson, arrivals/departures would be "Arrivées/Departs."

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Rampant hatlessness

In keeping with California's longsanding reputation for informality, these shameless Catalinians are incipient nudists in comparison with their staid brethren on the Eastern shore.

(Shorpy abounds with other examples)

Dude in ladies shoes?

What's up with this guy?

[He's barefoot. Are you high? - Dave]

Parlez-vous français?

The "arrivals/departures" board is in French ("arrive/depart"). I wonder why? Could be a French company, operating here? Or just some sort of snobbism d’époque?

[Um, that's English. Showing when the boats arrive and depart. We are on a roll today! - Dave]

Freed-up beach

All the steamboat embarkment infrastructure is gone now, replaced by open beaches with bobbing personal craft in the harbor. This photo was taken in 2012 from about the same position, only looking a bit farther to the right. The ferry dock on the far right takes up considerably less space than the steamboat operation from 97 years earlier.


There is actually a grown man without a hat in this picture!

Hats off

I see very few adult male heads without hats. Several different varieties of hats are shown, with the older men still preferring the straw boater. Many young men are capless. Some women have chosen to let it all hang out with their hair in a bun, others still clinging to the old days when life was simpler.

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