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Lunch Bar: 1938

Lunch Bar: 1938

1939. "New York, New York. Corner of First Avenue and East 62nd Street." Current location of the Ritz Diner. Photo by Sheldon Dick. View full size.


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Thanks for the memories

Alonzo, you have a narrative talent! "I can get cabbage at home ... I married her ... Haven't been to the place since."! A love story in fifty words! Thanks!

Hot Time Summer in the City

The dates for both movies are from last summer (summer of 1938). Good thing the "cooling plant" was "now in operation"! Or, you could cool off in the salt water pool across the Hudson, or take a day cruise up it to Bear Mountain.

That coupe

Appears to be a 1938 DeSoto, from what I can discern from internet photos. At first I thought, Dodge, but the bumper guards are larger than Dodge, and the hood side trim is different. That Model A is a 1930. You can tell, because the splash pan above the running board is built in 2 pieces. The '35 Ford is beautiful.

Just coffee please

When dining out, I avoid restaurants where the word "food" is in quotation marks. The specials today are "steak" and "chicken."


Below is the same view from April of 2010.

Oh Yeah! Palisades Park.

Spent some fun times as a teenager in Northern NJ at Palisades Park!

I think that is a Model A in the middle and it is in great shape for an 8 or 9 year old car in that era!

Skip the bother

I'll always remember the radio jingle for Palisades Amusement Park:

Skip the bother and skip the fuss
(Beep, Beep)
Take a Public Service bus
Public Service sure is great
Takes you right up to the gate!

I love that '35 Ford

sedan delivery on the right. It's a rare car you will never see at car shows today.

A little before Freddie Cannon

But even then, Palisades Park was the bees' knees.

White Banners

Good film, really good book by Lloyd C. Douglas, author of "The Robe", "Magnificent Obsession", and other great potboilers. Worth a look.

Elite Bar or Ritz Diner?

OK, so I take her to this place. Perfectly good place, y'know. Coffee is five cents, you can get a soda and a decent sandwich. And she says to me, "Lonnie, this is what you meant by the Elite? I can get cabbage at home! Where I am gonna go. And don't bother taking me, neither. I can wash my hair by myself. For the rest of my life, as far as you're concerned."

So I tells the owner. This isn't no good. You got me in Dutch with the girl, and I really liked her. And he says, don't worry none. "We're gonna make some changes. Next time you bring her -- well, it's gonna be the Ritz. And you can bring her any time of day you want."

So she gets over her mad. It took maybe two years. And just before I goes off, because I was drafted, I says, I'm takin you to the Ritz.

Well, I did. I married her. Haven't been to the place since.

Superlative Diner

Elite yesterday, the Ritz today. Methinks it'll be the "Magnificent Most Excellent Diner" tomorrow.

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