Chicago, May 12, 1919. "Return Parade for the 13th Railway Engineers, Michigan Boulevard." For another view, click here.
        Thirteenth Engineers Returns to Chicago. The greatest reception given to any organization of returning soldiers at Chicago was given to the 13th Railway Engineers on May 12. Its welcome to its home town was unequaled in point of enthusiasm and spectacular expression in the after war history of the city. Approximately 100,000 people banked Michigan Boulevard on both sides and maintained a bedlam of noise as the regiment paraded in platoon formation. Employees of the six railroads centering in Chicago from which the 13th Engineers was mainly recruited were organized in groups along Michigan Boulevard to welcome the men.
-— Railway Age and Railway Review, 1919
During World War I, the regiment known as the 13th Engineers consisted of personnel from the six largest railroads that ran through Chicago; it operated about 142 kilometers of French railways, serving the Verdun-St. Mihiel, Champagne-Marne, and Meuse Argonne sections. The scan is from a family photo album titled "My Vacation Days," with dates ranging from 1914 to 1922. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos