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Chariots of Cheese: 1947

Chariots of Cheese: 1947

August 9, 1947. San Francisco. "Ford dairy van -- Borden's Cottage Cheese." 8x10 acetate negative from the Wyland Stanley collection. View full size.


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Creamy goodness

Darn it, in 1947 creamed cottage cheese meant really delicious cream. Now I have to go where I can still get some of that 3% milkfat creamed cottage cheese ... mmmmm.

And thank you for putting that suggestion into my old head!

Grammar tips

Dave has repeatedly corrected the its / it’s infractors: its = belongs to it (possessive), while it’s = it is (contraction).

When you add an s to the end of a word, it takes an apostrophe only if it’s a contraction (e.g. that's = that is) or a non-its possessive (e.g. Dave’s red pen or Rick’s comment).

When you add an s to the end of a word to make it plural, it never takes an apostrophe (bird / birds), nor is an apostrophe involved when you modify a verb (appear / appears).

Just sayin’… (That’s a contraction!)


I try to emulate you daily


Dave ignored my comments for many months, I am the resident curmudgeon where I work, so I just assume correcting us peons is a drudgery in his life. It all may be dependent on the day, I am everything from "Monday Mike" to "Friday Mike" at my job. Monday Mike is just crabby, but Friday Mike has pretty much no filters.

Thoroughly Modern

But still could be hand cranked to start (if you dared). I have seen many a story of snapped forearms on Model T's due to kickback. It would seem even more dangerous on the mighty V-8's.

More like time for the Garage Mechanic from Borden to assist.

I've been burned too by Dave

In my case it was justifiable red ink, but the pictured phrase appear's appears correct.

Contractions and Apostrophes

Whoa man, put away those red pens!

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