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Trail Ride: 1912

Trail Ride: 1912

California (?) circa 1912. "On the trail." A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again: The Prequel. 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative. View full size.


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Near Altadena

I'm willing to bet this is the road to Mount Lowe Trail Camp, which I've hiked many times. I base my opinion on the general range skyline. Here's a modern panorama:

If you zoom around, you can see the remnants of the Mount Lowe funicular railway head and hotel ruins from Lowe's Alpine Tavern.

I find Dave's grammar comments amusing.

I think Dave was a nun in a previous life.

Definitely a case where the corrections are usually more noxious than the gaffes.

Awesome site though, weird quirks and all.

Grammer Police Shorpy Division

I have to wonder why an otherwise fun and interesting web site posting found and borrowed photos would feel it to be great fun attacking folks who innocently (but grammatically and incorrectly) post their thoughts. I think a more mature web site owner would just let it pass. Been following your site for over 10 years and have had to shake my head many times over your hectoring various posters who don't meet your standards. Kind of a sad way to run things.

[You spelled "grammar" wrong. - Dave]

Sidesaddle switch?

The women, and the young man in front, are riding astride, but the two men to the back are sidesaddle -- is there some purpose to this? Or maybe they were just fooling around for the photo.

I guess, Dave

Just to far gone from seventh grade English class.

[Too. Burros. Sees! - Dave]

My Burro's Name

If I ever ride a burro on one of those narrow trails down the Grand Canyon my burro's name would be "Stumblefoot"

I remember that view

It was about seven decades later, and yes, that landscape does look like California, which is where I remember it. I wasn't riding the mules. I had to get off the trail for them, and most of them were carrying cargo.

Not Burros (not burro's either)

Those are mules and they'll stomp the stuffing out of a rattlesnake.

Fun for a while

Until one of those burro's see's a rattlesnake. Then it's off to Kentucky Derby. Pronto. Mighty steep dropoff on the left.

[Why the apostrophes in "burro's" and "see's"? - Dave]

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