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Farm Wife: 1941

Farm Wife: 1941

September 1941. "Mrs. W. Gaynor canning tomatoes on their farm near Fairfield, Vermont." Medium format negative by Jack Delano. View full size.


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Today’s Top 5

Cluster flies

Piles of cluster flies in the window corners, a memory of Vermont I'm less than fond of. You just can't get rid of them in the fall.

Just having a Ball

I remember those older style Ball canning jars with the glass lids. I even have a few of them down in the cellar. The metal collar held the lid in place via a notch on the top, and you first inserted the rubber o-ring gasket between the jar and lid, for sealing.

Get the Lead Out

Is that perhaps a lead water pipe on the far left?

Very close veins

Her varicose veins look painful. My tiny mom worked for years as a waitress and developed varicose veins as a result. Once, my daughter, aged about five, observed that Mom's upper arms jiggled when she waved. Mom looked right at her and said, "They do not." Erica, taken aback by the denial of what she'd seen plain as day, replied: "Well, your knee backs are purple and green."

Safety First

Nice bug sprayer on the windowsill next to her food prep area.

Bug spray

With that bug sprayer in such easy reach it must have been used often. I wonder how much got on the food.

Foot Room

They had not yet discovered the need to leave room under cabinet bottoms for toes, which allows you to work standing straight.

Swarm of flies?

Is that what I see on the window? Or is there a better explanation?

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