In just a few weeks, Shorpy turns 12. Which in blog-years is something like 100. To remain a going (and growing) concern well into Shorpy's teens, we'll need to upgrade this web site's cozy yet creaky infrastructure -- a remodeling project that includes pages with bigger type, photos and thumbnail galleries, compatibility with mobile devices, streamlined commenting, support for social-media log-ins and more original content. All of which requires your support if we are to remain online. Details below! -- Dave
We're excited to announce Shorpy is now on Patreon. In case you're wondering, Patreon is an easy way to contribute to Shorpy. In return you'll get access to special content and rewards. But, importantly, your contributions will help underwrite the cost of keeping Shorpy running and will let us make some upgrades to the site. Thank you to the loyal members who have made Shorpy a success. Check it out. Because some have asked: Shorpy is not moving behind a paywall. We will continue our updates as usual for all to see. Think of Patreon as Shorpy Plus.
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