“The name of Paul Hohnstreiter probably doesn’t mean much to most Pantagraph readers. Some will recall reading about someone with a name like that figuring in an auto accident. Some may know that he was pictured in the paper recently in a police uniform. Those who follow such things know that he died of injuries received in that automobile crash.” “But Paul Hohnstreiter, 39-year-old police chief of Minier, made a great contribution to the youth of his community in his short life. He devoted his full time to crime prevention by becoming a friend and leader of the children of the Minier community. Mr. Hohnstreiter organized swimming groups and for several years took busloads of Minier children to Bloomington, Delavan and Pekin for water sports. He organized the school patrol. He sponsored an annual police ball and used the proceeds to take patrol boys to sports events ‘and to entertain them and their parents. He was a mainstay in the whole community recreation program. He was active in Boy Scout work, serving as a troop committeeman. He sponsored safety meetings for youth and adults.” “Paul Hohnstreiter went far beyond the call of duty as a police officer in a small town to become educator, minister, adviser and leader of youngsters. His was a short but highly successful life of service. Every community in the land, large and small, needs more like him.” - Bloomington Pantagraph (Oct. 10, 1952) | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos