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A Distant Crossing: 1865

A Distant Crossing: 1865

Spring 1865. Children on Canal Bridge at the foot of Seventh Street in Richmond after the fall of the city. Left half of a glass-plate stereograph. View full size.


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Fall of Richmond

Richmond VA was the Confederate capital. It was not far from Washington DC, actually. It finally fell after a siege that would foreshadow WW I and WW II in destructive power. Images of destroyed cities after the Civil War look like bombed cities of Europe during the World Wars.

Usage of Dates

Greetings to Alex in the Netherlands,

Unfortunately, although in almost every other country, it has been agreed to use the digital listing of dates as YYYY/MM/DD, the United States and its computers does not. Even if you try to type out the month or change the order, many US programs will change the date to MM/DD/YY. Arrogant and discourteous as this may be, even those Americans who would like to comply are unable to do so.

So why are you organizing your research by state rather than date or major events (such as wars, social changes, political regimes, etc.)?

Richmond, Virginia (VA)

Virginia It Is


Sometimes we forget the global following that our websites have.

For a typical U.S. reader, the 1865 date and reference to the "fall" of a city link this to our incredibly destructive and painful civil war. Richmond, Virginia was a significant location in the war. You could probably spend the next year reading about Richmond's experiences in the war.

I agree with you that the locations and dates could be cited in a more complete manner, given the large audience this site has attracted.

Thank you for your comments and interest!

Chris in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, USA

Yes, Richmond, Virginia.

In the context of the US Civil War, at any rate.

-- bloghwhoring @


As a European foreigner, interested in USA history, I am not that familiar with all the US states and cities. So i look for Richmond in Wikipedia, in order to add the state name in my subscript, but then i will find as many as 23 states with a city called Richmond, in Wisconsin only even 3 cities of Richmond should exist (in Shawano County, St. Croix County and Walworth County). So I am somewhat puzzled. May i assume Virginia to be the state if no one is mentioned?

I am very grateful for all the information you are providing me, I learn a lot. I would be grateful if you would start the text after the date as "state, city" if relevant, makes it much easier to sort out pictures of a specific state. For sorting reasons I also use an internationally agreed upon way of writing down dates: yyyy-mm-dd in digits, very handy!

Greetings from Bussum, Holland (Europe), although Netherlands would be a better word.


[Richmond, in addition to being the capital of Virginia, was the capital of the Confederacy for most of the Civil War. - Dave]

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