Peoria City Hall, built in 1897, completed in 1898, dedicated January 5 to January 7, 1899. “This building will stand as a monument to the zeal and energy of the present, and be enjoyed by those who may not remember that we ever existed.” - Mayor of Peoria, John Warner, 1899 "The present City Hall was completed in 1898, at a cost of $234,592 and is one of the finest structures in the city. It is four stories high and built of rough brown stone. A tower extends from the roof, in which is hung the old alarm bell, formerly used in the tower of the old City Hall, simply for preservation, as the telephone and electrical appliances of the present day have superseded the fire bell for all time." -- Peoria of Today with Peoria Blue Book Directory (1915) Original photos taken by William A. Gregory who lived on North Sheridan in Peoria. William worked for Frank D. Murray, a Peoria contractor (1881-1957) who built 100+ houses, including a good number on Frye Ave. William A. Gregory was an amateur photographer, picking up the hobby early on, taking thousands of architectural and event pictures of Peoria. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos