The Music Hall & Peoria Women's Club Building, located at Fayette and Madison Streets, 301 NE Madison, Peoria, Illinois. The Women's Club was established in 1886 by Clara Parsons Bourland. The Club raised $25,000 for the construction of the club building and upstairs music hall, erected in 1893, being dedicated on Jan 15, 1894. The second floor houses an unused grand Vaudeville stage, that seats 453, a fire in 1970 did much damage. Formed in 1886, the club continues to hold meetings in a distinctive red brick building at 301 NE Madison Ave., in use since 1893. Original photos taken by William A. Gregory who lived on North Sheridan in Peoria. William worked for Frank D. Murray, a Peoria contractor (1881-1957) who built 100+ houses, including a good number on Frye Ave. William A. Gregory was an amateur photographer, picking up the hobby early on, taking thousands of architectural and event pictures of Peoria. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos