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No Sit: 1940

May 1940. "Interior of poolroom and general store. Stem, Granville County, North Carolina." Medium format negative by Jack Delano. View full size.

May 1940. "Interior of poolroom and general store. Stem, Granville County, North Carolina." Medium format negative by Jack Delano. View full size.


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Today’s Top 5

Half a day so far ...

And at least a couple to go. I'm not a beer drinker, but the mentions in this thread of different types of beer cans led to me looking online for info on the various types.


I had no idea that folks collected old beer cans or that there were so many fascinating variations. Fascinating and fun to read. is the top website for generating wonderful research rabbit holes and I love every one of them!


That gal in the Uncle Sam getup!

Would love to see the whole image of that gal in the Uncle Sam costume behind the stove pipe, and to read her message to us!

[She's in the comments of the previous post of this pool hall. - Dave]

(For the record, if my folks had heard about me peering into the windows of the pool hall in our little town - where beer was consumed - they would have removed at least the outer layer of my hide! I never EVER went in there but I learned to play pool later!)

Esslinger's Cone Top

Despite the fact that earlier I submitted a comment that expressed my doubt that the cone top can on the floor held beer, I am now convinced that it is, in fact, a can of Esslinger's. A Google search reveals that Esslinger's produced quart-sized cone tops, and all that writing on the side was actually recipes.

Esslinger's Little Man Ale

is indeed the Cone Top can seen on the floor. A quart can to boot. With "Delicious Esslinger's Recipes" on the side panel for Welsh Rarebit, Cole slaw and Ale Flip (whatever that is).

Beer ID

I'd say Esslinger's Little Man Ale is a solid bet for the cone top.


Bottle of Budweiser is visible by the pool table to the right of the crossed knee. Below the knee on the floor looks like a cone top beer can, brand not fully visible. Esslinger’s would be a guess, though they were in Philly.

Nuclear wood stove

Interesting how the air control vent on the front of the stove looks like the radioactive symbol.

Oh dear

I like to fantasize that there was a time in American history -- long before cell phones, perhaps -- when folks were better read and more carefully educated, and the poor apostrophe did not suffer the blatant misuse and ignorant abuse that it does today. I see that I was wrong. *sigh*

Starts with P

He looks like trouble.

The Good old days

Everything appears to be filthy, all the time.

The pool table's

... edge.


That's a grocer's plural on tables.

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