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Votes for Women: 1913

Votes for Women: 1913

Feb. 10, 1913. "Washington hikers. Suffragists on bus in New York City, part of the 'hike' to Washington, D.C., which joined the March 3, 1913, National American Woman Suffrage Association parade." 5x7 glass negative. View full size.


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Go East, Young Women

The delegates from Utah, Wyoming and Colorado look like they're having fun in the big city. It must be early in the day because the 34th Street crosstown trolley looks relatively empty.

Too cold for me!

The women will no doubt abandon the upper deck for the confines of the lower once this motorized charabanc gets up to 15 mph in February breezes, trundling to Washington on the "roads" of the day. You wonder why not use the train. Do they expect crowds along the way?

[Hikers don't trundle, they hike. These ladies walked the 230 miles from New York to Washington in 17 days, leaving from Hudson Terminal on February 12. They were hailed by thousands along the way. - Dave]


Remembering that it's not a coincidence that the 18th and 19th Amendments are so close together, I'm guessing it's enthusiasm, not flasks, on top of that precarious bus. One of the big reasons for both Prohibition and women's suffrage was the horrendous damage done by excessive use of readily available distilled spirits.

Suffragists don't appear to be suffering too much

Judging by the smiles all around I suspect the ladies have a few flasks up there. Hear! Hear!

Whenever I've read the archaic word suffrage I've wondered about the word source. So, I looked it up this time.

Etymology. The word suffrage comes from Latin suffragium, meaning "vote", "political support", and the right to vote. Oh! no. Not more Latin as in horticulture. I've heard enough of that for one lifetime amidst the hortisauris community.

Indifference, Disgust or Awe?

The expressions on the women's faces that are on the trolley looking up at the suffragettes is interesting. It's hard to tell if they are indifferent, disgusted or in awe of them.

Center of Gravity

I hope the driver doesn't go around any turns too fast. The center of gravity is a bit high and the vehicle might tip over.

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