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On a Clear Day: 1943

On a Clear Day: 1943

June 1943. Richmondville, New York. Farmland meadow in the Catskill Mountains. View full size. 4x5 Kodachrome transparency by John Collier.


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heres a poem about a girl

heres a poem about a girl who found out shes lost someone very important to her. in the this girls is running some where. i imagine to a place much like this. (i fount insperation from this picture)

when she first tells me
i can't believe
my heart starts racing
my palms start to sweat
the two of us were inspeprable
you were suppose to be in my life forever
its not right
it wasn't suppose to end this way
its all happening to fast

so i start to run
far away
i hear her call me to come back
but i can't
my feet just keep running
i feel a tear roll down my cheek
then another
and another

i don't even know where i'm running
i just keep going
and going
like maybe if i keep running
i'll find a place where all of this makes since
or maybe if i keep running
i'll find you
and everything will be okay

On a clear disk you can seek

On a clear disk you can seek forever.


It is so powerful to me looking at this while thinking of the turmoil in other parts of the globe at that time.


[Or even right now. - Dave]


Wow - what a beautiful shot. I've never been to that part of New York. This picture makes me want to visit.

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