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Brattleboro Blizzard: 1940

Brattleboro Blizzard: 1940

March 1940. Brattleboro, Vermont. "Corner of Main Street, center of town after blizzard." Acetate negative by Marion Post Wolcott for the Farm Security Administration. View full size.


That Grille

It's a Hudson Terraplane. Possibly a 1937.

Mystery Car

Re Rowdy5858's comment, I believe that snow-covered car might be a 1937 Hudson.

It's all white now.

The church, that is.

Manual chokes

I'll bet a lot of those cars spit and sputtered on that cold morning since they didn't have automatic chokes like those some ten years later. Made the first few minutes of driving a chore as the car would buck and jerk until it got warm enough to run on the regular mixture.

Mandatory Car ID

OK, I give up. What is the car in the foreground, next to the streetlamp/highway marker?

Now Playing at the Auditorium

"High School" starring Jane Withers, aka Josephine the Plumber.

Prosperity Reigns!

Brattleboro must have been a prosperous community, if such can be judged by the high proportion of current or very late-model vehicles appearing here -- probably higher than would be the case in a similar automotive assemblage today. Then, again, in light of the year-to-year sameness of today's vehicles, how could we tell?


I live an hour south of there and that ain't no blizzard. What -- 5 inches of snow on the roof?

My guess is the photo was taken out a window or on the roof of the building at High and Main streets.

"Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls"

This photo reminds me of the climax of "It's a Wonderful Life," when Jimmy Stewart runs through town, shouting, "Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls!" I believe Seneca Falls claims to be the inspiration for Bedford Falls, but Brattleboro has the same feel.


Wolcott calls that a blizzard? Not where I come from (Canada). And I see an umbrella. In winter!

How Vermont Cities Change

The gas station is a pocket park plus a florist shop. Montgomery Ward is a hardware store. Some of that green space has been taken over by a bank. The movie theatre has been replaced by a building with an interior decorator and a coffee shop. And because this is Shorpy, the picture was taken from a hotel (Hotel Brooks) which later caught fire. Fortunately, that building is still standing, and has its own wikipedia page.

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