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Brattleboro Blizzard: 1940

Brattleboro Blizzard: 1940

March 1940. Brattleboro, Vermont. "Corner of Main Street, center of town after blizzard." Acetate negative by Marion Post Wolcott for the Farm Security Administration. View full size.


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That Grille

It's a Hudson Terraplane. Possibly a 1937.

Mystery Car

Re Rowdy5858's comment, I believe that snow-covered car might be a 1937 Hudson.

It's all white now.

The church, that is.

Manual chokes

I'll bet a lot of those cars spit and sputtered on that cold morning since they didn't have automatic chokes like those some ten years later. Made the first few minutes of driving a chore as the car would buck and jerk until it got warm enough to run on the regular mixture.

Mandatory Car ID

OK, I give up. What is the car in the foreground, next to the streetlamp/highway marker?

Now Playing at the Auditorium

"High School" starring Jane Withers, aka Josephine the Plumber.

Prosperity Reigns!

Brattleboro must have been a prosperous community, if such can be judged by the high proportion of current or very late-model vehicles appearing here -- probably higher than would be the case in a similar automotive assemblage today. Then, again, in light of the year-to-year sameness of today's vehicles, how could we tell?


I live an hour south of there and that ain't no blizzard. What -- 5 inches of snow on the roof?

My guess is the photo was taken out a window or on the roof of the building at High and Main streets.

"Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls"

This photo reminds me of the climax of "It's a Wonderful Life," when Jimmy Stewart runs through town, shouting, "Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls!" I believe Seneca Falls claims to be the inspiration for Bedford Falls, but Brattleboro has the same feel.


Wolcott calls that a blizzard? Not where I come from (Canada). And I see an umbrella. In winter!

How Vermont Cities Change

The gas station is a pocket park plus a florist shop. Montgomery Ward is a hardware store. Some of that green space has been taken over by a bank. The movie theatre has been replaced by a building with an interior decorator and a coffee shop. And because this is Shorpy, the picture was taken from a hotel (Hotel Brooks) which later caught fire. Fortunately, that building is still standing, and has its own wikipedia page.

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