Colter & McGinnis' General Store on the 130 block of South Sampson Street, Tremont, Illinois. Circa 1900. Pictured (left to right) are Frank E. McGinnis, Anna Patte Rollins and Edward Colter, (Unknown), 1900. The store was later occupied by Gerald Beechman's Grocery, which burned down in a fire in March 1940. The Congregational Church building is located in the rear and was organized in 1844, with a church building was erected in 1848. "In 1859 Messrs. Wm. Pettis and Nathanial Ingalls built a store building, also a bank building on lot 12 in block 25. The store building is the one where Ed L. Colter and Frank E. McGinnis were for a number of years." — from the "Historical Account of the Origin, Growth and Development of The Village of Tremont, Illinois", 1925 "Hugh McLean, the Village Clerk, will have his office at Colter & McGinnis’ store and anyone having business with him can have the same attended to whether he is there or not, as he has made arrangements with Mr. Colter to look after the affairs of the office if he is not in town." — Oct. 25, 1907 | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos