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Space Cowboy: 1963

Space Cowboy: 1963

June 13, 1963. "Nonchalantly slurping his Earth-made ice cream cone, 5-year-old David Rowan appears awed with the eerie surroundings before him. The youngster was visiting the moon-like landscape of the space research laboratories at Republic Aviation in Farmingdale, Long Island, N.Y." United Press International Telephoto. View full size.


On Shorpy:
Today’s Top 5

Armed, Striped, No Dairy

In 1958, the "Boys In Stripes" rule was already in effect, though the sidearms may have been optional.

The criminal element in Pascagoula, Mississippi, knew not to trifle with a fellow sporting twin Fanner Fifties.

That's one small step for a boy ...

Well, you know the rest.

Glad to see he's well armed

as was I at that time -- we are the same age. Every self-respecting young cowpoke of the era was prepared to encounter Black Bart or the Creature from the Black Lagoon ... or the moon.

What a revelation!

The set where they actually staged the moon landing! What daring journalism from Shorpy!

To Serve and Protect

He has that six-shooter ready just waiting to protect that Rainbow ice cream cone.


... do some people call him that?

That gunfighter stance

Eyes locked on his opponent. Shootin' arm casually held at ready. Easy on his feet. No fear. Then he says, "Well, are you gonna pull them pistols or whistle Dixie -- "

Lost In Space

While eating an ice cream! Every boy's dream.


As someone who's six years older than Mr. Rowan I'm here to say he's probably dead.

[So you're saying that people who are 60 years old are "probably dead." - Dave]

Yes, but satirically (and a little indignantly) in response to Vintagetv's ominous "still with us" comment.


I graduated from high school on this date. Did not get an ice cream cone.

Striped shirts

Between 1957 and 1963, every boy under the age of 8 had at least two T-shirts just like this one. I know I did!

Good chance he's still with us.

This kid may still be out there somewhere, he's only a year or two older than I am, it would be cool if he found this and commented.

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