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Laid-Back Disneyland: 1958

Laid-Back Disneyland: 1958

This tranquil scene, much less the sight of people in suits, ties, earrings and heels, may have today's frazzled visitors questioning if this is actually the Magic Kingdom. Nevertheless, my brother-in-law took this Kodachrome slide there in February 1958. View full size.

Los Angeles in 1961

In December of 1961 our family visited Los Angeles. At age 14 I remember city streetcars still running in LA, and we flew in a passenger helicopter to visit Disneyland. The best ride of all was the horse-drawn streetcar. You can see the tracks in the foreground of this photo.

Lost & Found

The building on the extreme left, next to City Hall, was the original Disneyland Police Department, where lost parents could be reunited with their children.

Happier Times

It looks idyllic. Saw this post right after reading this!

Disneyland with no kids?

Maybe they’re all inside and the parents are just taking a well deserved break.

Happier Times?

Anyone who thinks they want to bring back these "happier times" might want to reflect on why there are people of color in this photo.

[Kodachrome, obviously. - Dave]

No waiting

Today, waiting in long lines is an iconic part of the Disneyland experience. Imagine trying to tell these folks from 1958 that someday people will stand in line for an hour for a 3-minute ride. They'd never believe it.

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